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Sophie Saint

I have always had a passion for the taboo and unusual, being a huge lover of body modification and the wide variation of alternative cultures and styles all over the world, which lead me over the years on a creative journey. Firstly becoming a photographer gaining my degree and eventually leading me on to become a Body Piercer.

Over a year ago in January 2016 I was lucky enough to be able to join the Doc Black Ink team and since then have had the opportunity to perform a great variation of piercings on some very lovely people in a very busy studio, gaining some valued experience, helping people to modify their body and feel happy and creative in there own skin.

I adore each and every client that comes through the door and love being able to work with such creative people.

Im always looking to do something individual and different so if you have a piercing project for me then please get in touch.

Sophie 🙂 x