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Age & ID requirements


You must be 18 to be tattooed (no exceptions, this is the law).

If you are 21 or over and are lucky enough to look under 21 then you will need to provide ID.
For piercings you must be 16+ (See Piercing Pricing List for exceptions to age)

18+ for Nipple piercings (female) 16+ for male.

If you are 16 or over and look under 16 you will also need to provide one of forms of ID listed below.
Accepted forms of ID must be government  issued hologram photo ID: Passport, Driving Licence (full or provisional), Student Card or Citizens Card.
If you can’t provide a valid ID then we will not be able to carry out your tattoo or piercing.
You will be required to bring ID at the time of your booking as well as when you attend your appointment.

If you book by phone and look under 21 and you don’t bring ID with you, we will not be able to tattoo you, and this will result in loss of deposit.