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Kev Kelly

I started Tattooing in 1977 after doing an old school apprenticeship, first couple of studios were in the Newcastle area but moved to Consett in 1984 where i tattooed up to 1999 when i opened Steel Paintbrush Tattoo Studios which ran until September 2011, from there i went on to own Ye Olde Tattoo Durham until my present position in Doc Black Ink.

I have also worked in studios in Ireland And Spain. I’m an old school artist whose passion is Japanese Style Tattooing but i also enjoy black and grey Religious work. I have lived tattooing for over 36 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes all for the better especially when it comes to hygiene. I love it as much now as i did back in 1977, The passion still Burns. Its a constant learning process and I hope to be part of it for many years to come.